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At Physical Therapy Near Me, we provide effective, evidence-based physical therapy interventions. These are for a variety of conditions in a serene and professional setting. Each visit is an individualized, one-on-one session with a licensed physical therapist. They will last 45 to 60 minutes depending on individual needs. Our physical therapy plan of care is specific to each individual's impairments. It is also personalized to meet each individual's needs and goals. Therefore, we utilize various forms of skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic activities, and physical modalities. In addition to treating patients experiencing pain and physical limitations associated with musculoskeletal conditions, we provide Medical Therapeutic yoga in which skilled physical therapy is merged with the ancient practice of yoga. This combined approach aims to bridge the mind-body connection while allowing for optimal healing and wellness. Our patients are also offered extensive education and tailored home exercise programs to complement our work in the clinic. Our aim is to empower and inspire our patients to actively participate in their recovery and the pursuit of long-lasting health and wellbeing.

Physical Therapy Near Me offers 45-minute one-on-one treatment sessions with a physical therapist to ensure individualized care and attention for all our patients. We are a community of educators, runners, triathletes, coaches and all-around active individuals who share the same goals as you.

Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Near Me is beneficial to the community because we offer a service, or an array of services, that assist clients in staying healthy and injury-free.

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